Malaria is a leading health problem in Kenya; however, the risk of malaria varies with altitude and rainfall. Approximately 70 percent of people in Kenya are at risk—14 million of them in low-lying areas where malaria is endemic and 17 million in higher land where malaria is seasonally episodic and sometimes epidemic.

The U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) funded PMI Measure Malaria (PMM) to provide technical assistance to the Kenyan government to strengthen data collection and analysis and to improve the health information system (HIS) that supports malaria interventions, surveillance, and data use. PMM installed an embedded malaria resident advisor and provided technical support to automate malaria data dashboards in the national HIS, support to update a county-level malaria profile and annual report, and help to develop a road map for the implementation of national malaria morbidity and mortality surveillance.

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