Kenya Malaria Programme Review 2018

Kenya Malaria Programme Review 2018
Kenya Malaria Programme Review 2018
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Kenya Malaria Programme Review 2018
Abstract: The Malaria Programme Review (MPR) is a periodic joint programme management process for reviewing the progress and performance of a malaria programme in the context of national health and development plans. It is aimed at improving performance or redefining the programmes strategic direction and focus. In 2009, Kenya conducted a comprehensive MPR of the National Malaria Strategy (NMS) 20012010. The ensuing recommendations led to the development of the NMS 20092017 with its goal set as the reduction of morbidity and mortality caused by malaria by two-thirds of the 2007/2008 levels by 2017. Subsequently in 2014, a mid-term review of the NMS 20092017 was done and this led to some key modifications. First, the initial period of the strategy was extended by one year to 2018 as part of the alignment to the health sector strategy 20132018. Secondly, the strategy was renamed Kenya Malaria Strategy (KMS) 20092018 in line with the devolution of health service delivery roles and responsibilities from national to county governments. Finally, the KMS objectives and strategies were amended for better performance and to align to the devolved status of the health services. The period of the revised KMS 20092018 ends in 2018. The strategy was hence due for an end-term review, which was undertaken in the MPR 2018.

The overall objective of the MPR was to undertake an evidence-based review of the country malaria situation and a
comprehensive performance review of the KMS against its set targets.
Shortname: tr-19-319
Author(s): National Malaria Control Programme, Ministry of Health
Year: 2019
Language: English
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