Guidelines for Malaria Epidemic Preparedness and Response in Kenya: 2nd Edition

Guidelines for Malaria Epidemic Preparedness and Response in Kenya: 2nd Edition
Abstract: Malaria epidemics re-emerged in Kenya in the 1990s. The epidemics are usually characterized by high morbidity and mortality within a considerably short period of time. Malaria epidemics usually disrupt health services and negatively affect socio-economic growth.

In Kenya, malaria epidemics occur in two epidemiological zones—the western highlands and the arid and semi-arid lowlands of northern Kenya and south-eastern parts of the country. The epidemics are associated with unusual climatic conditions, mainly high rainfall and sustained minimum temperatures around 18°C, which sustain vector breeding and longer survival of the malaria vectors.

Malaria epidemics usually occur among non-immune or semi-immune populations. The main objective of malaria epidemic preparedness and response is to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with malaria epidemics among the affected populations. This is achieved through early detection of epidemics and immediate implementation of control and preventive measures.

These guidelines provide information designed to facilitate effective management of malaria epidemics in all epidemic-prone areas of the country. The guidelines are adaptable for use at all levels of care and provide mechanisms and approaches to contain malaria epidemics in all settings, including in complex emergencies. The guidelines are a reference document to guide the planning and implementation of malaria control interventions in epidemic situations.

The guidelines will be used by planners and policy makers at the national level, health managers at the county and sub-county levels, healthcare workers at the service delivery level, and partners. This document will also be useful to all partners and stakeholders involved in malaria control, including civil society organizations and donors.
Author(s): Kenya Ministry of Health
Year: 2020
Language: English